Frequently Asked Questions

A code will be emailed to you within 4 hours of signing up. If you don’t receive a code, please get in touch at or call (530) 494-9211.

Currently there is no human in the suite. However there is human assistance in the office below in case of emergency or urgent situations. We are working in the direction of having a receptionist as soon as possible.

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Evening and weekend hours by special arrangement.

We understand that you might be on your way to an appointment or even may have a friend meet you at the office. It is acceptable to have them meet you for a few minutes while you wrap up your work. However, if your acquaintance is staying longer, please reserve a space for them in advance. Our workstations are limited, and we do not want to crowd our other users. We hope you understand our situation.

Sorry, no; assignment of this license is prohibited.

The Meadow has a conference room and is great for a meeting, however these events need prior approval. Our first priority is to make sure that our users have a space to work. Contact to make arrangements.

Go to the office on the first floor for assistance or call (530) 725-8251 if the first floor office is closed.

You have several options. The Forest has limited reserved and designated parking by the side of the building parallel to the street. There are also a couple of first come first serve spots in the parking lot. In addition, there is plenty of street parking along Forest avenue just please be respectful of the residential buildings. Please do not park in the designated dental office parking spaces.

The password is emailed in advance to the user. Each specific area (room) has its own password.

Your reservation includes limited printing and copying up to 15 pages. If you need to print or copy more pages please make other arrangements. Printing is black and white only.

Yes, we want everyone to be comfortable and feel like they are at their work home. We ask you to keep it as nice as possible for all and be respectful of others sharing the office by being mindful of strong food odors.

Please contact or call (530) 494-9211

All office co-sharing products are subject to availability and may be withdrawn by The Forest at any time. If your time reservation cannot be fulfilled, you will be offered an alternative or given a refund for the unavailable office co-sharing product.

The TV must be reserved for a conference call or Skype meeting and there is a fee for its use that is included if you are renting The Meadow (entire room) for a private meeting or conference. If you are just checking the outside security camera the use is complimentary.

We hope this never occurs. That said, direct all inquiries of any nature to or call (530) 494-9211. A human will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not really. The space was made for sharing. The next person using the table or desk will need use of the entire area. Please take your property with you. Of course, if you are just stepping out for a bit of fresh air? That’s ok but leave your items at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items of any value.

No multi-level marketing, or direct selling.

We want more people like you! Contact and see what specials we are offering.

Not a problem! Contact, let us know what happened. We will resolve any problem promptly.