The Forest

Comfortable, well planned & equipped
Co-Shared Workplace.

The Covid-19 threat is serious.
Our primary concern is everyone's health and safety.

A Co-Shared Workplace
1060 Ski Run Blvd #200, South Lake Tahoe, CA


The Forest is a comfortable, well planned and equipped shared work place. Shared work spaces and individual spaces are available.

The Forest is a great place for the entrepreneur, start-up, creative freelancers, those working remotely, or the business traveler looking for a quiet place to focus on work. Home business professionals and individuals simply looking for a place to work will find a great space at The Forest.

Time spent in the forest is never time wasted. If you are looking for a place to be focused and productive reserve a place in The Forest. Beneficial relationships, connections and socializing may come about by spending time in The Forest.

We have created a work environment or ambiance that reflects the symbiotic work relationships that exists in nature. Work in the spirit of the forest in our relaxing, quiet, cozy and efficient spaces with digital and business necessities conveniently located.

Having the forest atmosphere in mind, each of our spaces are decorated in a

symbolic representation of the name given to the space.

The Retreat

Is a comfortable area where you can work in a coffee table desk arrangement or have a pleasant meeting with a client.

The Den

Is a spacious private office with two desks, a printer and copier. This is also an area that can be used to meet and greet a client at your desk or rented as a private office.

The Meadow

Is our open table desk working area, but can also be reserved for a meeting accommodating up to 12 people.

Open Spaces

Private Office

Meeting Rooms

About Us

Our mission is to provide a pleasant, quiet and well equipped efficient office space. A peaceful environment where our clients can focus on work, find themselves being productive while still enjoying the companionship of other diversified working colleagues

Our spaces must be reserved in advance. We will dedicate that space to you only once the reservation is made and fees paid. In the case of a scheduling conflict: "All office co-sharing products are subject to availability and may be withdrawn by The Forest at any time. If your time reservation cannot be fulfilled, you will be offered an alternative or given a refund for the unavailable office co-sharing product."

Of course a forest requires food and water to stay alive and healthy. To keep you alert, focused and productive enjoy the complimentary delicious Tahoe water, coffee, tea and goodies provided in our food area. These are all a courtesy and complimentary just remember they are for sharing and consuming while in the Forest.

They are not for home consumption.


We subscribe to the fastest internet service available in Tahoe. Presently our internet via hard wire upload speed is up to 200 Mbps plus with a 10 Mbps download speed.

WiFi is included in the reservation fees for The Retreat and Meadow and available to all. The Den and The Nest are semi private offices with dedicated IP addresses also included in the reservation fees.

Internet Technology (IT) services:

If you are having technology difficulties please reach out to our IT service. We will gladly repair any problem related to the infrastructure associated with The Forest. However, if the problems are related to your computer or software the repair fees are your responsibility.

For technical problems, please contact our IT Consultant at (530) 725-8251 or by email at


Your reservation includes limited printing and copying up to 15 pages. If you need to print or copy more pages please make other arrangements. Printing is black and white only.

The Forest is close and conveniently located near a bus stop just a few yards from the building on Ski Run Blvd.

We encourage you to consider protecting nature (saving the forest) and consider walking, riding a bicycle or scooter to work or ride sharing.


There are a limited reserved parking spots for The Forest along the south side of the building. In addition, there are several first come first served spots in the parking lot. Please do not park in the spots reserved for the dental office. We are fortunate to enjoy plenty of street parking along Forest Ave and neighboring side streets in the non-snow periods. Winter, like nature, is a bit less predictable. Snow conditions may limit parking and thus is subject to change.

A spacious clean restroom is close to all the working areas.